Everyone is given a special gift to share with the world, but too many sit on their talent which prevents their gift from being developed or expressed. Others are rejected because they do not have the necessary resources, information or support to take their ideas to the next level.

The key to success in today’s challenging market is knowing where to go to gather inside information.

The National Christian Writers Conference and Gospel Writers’ Expo is here to support you!

Here’s what’s happening

Friday Night Entertainment

August 1, 2014,  7 pm – 10 pm

Begin your conference by dining with our faculty and enjoying holy worship and holy laughter with these anointed artists. Then come to the conference for a day of learning and encouragement.

Saturday Conference

August 2, 2014,  8 am – 4 pm


Internationally Acclaimed Keynote Speakers

williejolley_150_150w Wendy Griffith_150_194p
Willie Jolley, one of 50 inductees in the speaker’s hall of fame will encourage you to turn your setbacks into success. Wendy Griffith, 700 Club Co-host, CBN News Anchor & author will inspire you to wait on God for His very Best!

 Panel Sessions

You will receive expert training, resources and support from our award-winning and God-honoring authors, artists, teachers and speakers to help you get started and stand out in the Christian marketplace.  Read more about our speakers.

Writing, Publishing & Book Marketing Topics

  • How to start writing your first book
  • Writing for a Hip Hop generation
  • Top steps to find financing for your writing business
  • Marketing your book around the globe
  • Preparing, publishing, and marketing your masterpiece workbook
  • Looking good in print: the importance of your words
  • Eight steps to publishing your manuscript
  • Marketing your book around the globe
  • The five M(s) to publishing

Music Topics

  • Marketing your music in the Christian marketplace
  • Turning life into lyrics & experiences into pages worth turning
  • Finding gigs in the gospel music industry
  • Turn your music into a business plan
  • Don’t box me in: how to move past one-dimensional Christian writing

Entrepreneurship Topics

  • Turning your creativity into multiple streams of income
  • Learn how to prosper: what writers need to know about money

Don’t miss your opportunity to receive training, tips, and tools for your professional development.

Join us at the National Christian Writers Conference August 1-2, 2014 at the Clarion Hotel, Orion Hill in Maryland.

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