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What if we were all connected through creativity, sitting together in one place with our goals, our dreams, and our aspirations? What if this place was more than a simple room filled with tables and chairs? What if the room was a special space for fulfilling our divine purposes? My name is Antonio L. Crawford....

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It was a wonderful conference & I am sure glad I attended. Yes, I felt God’s Spirit at work through all who attended. The people who spoke REALLY cared about us as writers & fulfilling God’s plan for us to use our gifts in this area. You have inspired me so much to keep on writing. I will let you know when the book is complete.
CaroleAspiring Author
I had a wonderful time and was encouraged by the publisher.  She said, “Submarines don’t interest me, but your prelude perked my interest up. I want to know the rest of it.” I have decided to push hard on two chapters a week and hope to be complete by summer.  I did learn many things on Saturday and am making adjustments to the book to reflect the publisher’s comments and the things I learned from the speakers.
RobertAspiring Author
The conference was truly a blessing to me.  The speakers were phenomenal and inspirational.  I am motivated to write and publish my first book.  After attending the conference, I saw that this goal is truly a tangible one.  Thank you so much for hosting such an incredible event.  
Renita GabrielAspiring Author
A great event for both serious and aspiring writers, The NCWC is the place to be to learn the mechanics of writing, marketing, book production and expanding your network. The Crawford’s work tirelessly to ensure a top-notch event for all involved. I highly recommend the NCWC that will come to a city near you.
Kevin Wayne Johnson Writing for the Lord Ministries Author and winner of 18 literary awards since 2001
The National Christian Writer’s Conference is a life-changing experience. The leadership is extraordinary and the vision and passion of the Christ-centered focus is unparalleled. You will be left inspired, motivated, transformed and better equipped to take your passion to the next level. I am so honored to have been a keynote speaker at the San Diego and Washington, D.C. conferences. I am revved up for the Orange County event. It’s a privilege and a blessing to be a part of this movement.
Lane EthridgeSpeaker, Entrepreneur & Best Selling Author
Participation in your conference was a wonderful experience for both Melvin and I.  We enjoyed the speakers, the participants and most importantly your hospitality.  I don’t need to tell you how challenging it is to have a calling to prepare a platform for others. GOOD JOB!!!!  I APPRECIATE your obedience to your calling coupled with your ability to provide the feeling of “family” which gives me the energy to continue pressing forward.  I will continue to press forward with my books and Jeremiah’…
C. NaTasha RichburgSpeaker, Author and Entreprenuer
Wow, the National Christian Writer’s Conference is definitely “conference of the year” in my book! It was nothing short of pure awesomeness. As an author and entrepreneur, I figured I would already know much of the information presented. Boy was I wrong.  I left the conference with a wealth of knowledge, networking contacts, and a new found passion for the gifts that God has invested in me. Trust me, if you have any desire to write, you don’t want to miss the next NCWC.
Alicia HadleySpeaker, Author, Musician and Entreprenuer
I was truly blessed by the 2013 National Christian Writers Conference; it provided me with the resources I needed to feel confident in moving forward with publishing what God has gifted me.  The speakers were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and you could sense their true desire to serve God and spread the Gospel.  I left feeling encouraged, empowered and enlightened!  Special thank you to Antonio Crawford for allowing God to use you to help us manifest our God given purpose!
Teneka Frost-AmusaApiring Author

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